Enduring Perseverance

Enduring Perseverance

Enduring Perseverance Part 6

Perseverance (hupomone) requires right motivation and incentive. The reason “why” we do what we do is critical. When our motivation is for the sake of Christ, His Kingdom, and Glory…Hupomone is genuine.

Enduring Perseverance Part 5

God intends for His people to be victorious in this world, and to receive the “crown of life” (James 1:12)! Before this becomes a reality, God’s people must learn how to persevere (hupomone) through life’s trials and temptations. Learn the final 2 elements needed to be an overcomer.

Enduring Perseverance Part 4

God intends for His children to embrace Christ’s perseverance “hupomone” (Revelation 1:10, 3:10, 14:12). Learn “How” and what it takes to faithfully overcome trials and temptation patiently, thankfully, and with joyful hope!

Enduring Perseverance Part 3

Perseverance (Greek: hupomone) is a powerful word. It contains 3 parts: 1) the ability to bear under trials or tests 2) with peace and patience 3) and hope fixed on Jesus Christ. When one of these parts is missing, we are not enduring or persevering God’s way. This week we will continue our discussion on “How” to persevere God’s way.

Enduring Perseverance Part 2

Last week we looked at the biblical definition for the word “perseverance” (Greek: Hupomone), and why it is crucial that we persevere. This week we want to discover: How to Persevere?

Enduring Perseverance

God’s children are called to ENDURE and PERSEVERE (Greek: Hupomone). The problem is that many Christians don’t have a true understanding of the word. Learn what God means when He calls His people to Hupomone, and why it is so critical.