I Am the True Vine

I Am the True Vine

We had technical difficulties this Sunday and did not get the service recorded. You will find the sermon notes below.

John 15

“I Am the True Vine”


Power tool comes unplugged

Tool only works when plugged in…can only do what made to do when connected to power source.

TR: Today we learn just how important it is to stay connected to Jesus.  Please open your Bible to John 15.

[READ John 15:1-8]

TR: Verse 8 is key to understanding this passage.  It reveals to us A GOAL in everything Jesus is teaching us here.  It answers the question, “Why is it so important that we follow Jesus’ teaching?”

The Goal: God’s Glory

This is to my Father’s glory…  ESV – By this my Father is glorified…

What does it mean for God to be glorified?  What is God’s glory?

God’s glory is His worth – His greatness, power, wisdom, beauty, splendor, majesty

For God to be glorified means that His worth is made visible – others catch a glimpse of how great God is and turn to Him in humble submission and exuberant praise.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not ever add to God’s glory.  He is infinitely glorious in Himself.  Rather, Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine among people so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

In other words, when people look at us, the people of God, they should be able to see the glory of God, and if their heart is soft before God, to declare that God is awesome!  

TR: So, the GOAL of our lives is God’s glory.  That God be glorified. That He be made known to the world through us.  How do we accomplish this goal? Jesus gave us A STRATEGY.

The Strategy: Bear Fruit

This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

Simply put… God is glorified – made known, made visible, seen as worthy to be praised – when we bear much fruit.

Fruit on a tree shows what kind of tree it is and how healthy it is.

Oranges on a tree show that the tree is an orange tree and alive.

Apples on a tree show that the tree is an apple tree and alive.

Fruit in our lives shows that we belong to Jesus and that God is real!

What is this fruit Jesus is talking about?

  • Speaking, Acting, Believing, Serving like Jesus – showing that we follow Him.
  • [READ vs. 9-17]
  • Obedience (vs. 10)
  • Love (vs. 9, 12, 17)
  • Joy (vs. 11)
  • Galatians 5:22-23 – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control
  • Great Commandments: Love God, Love People
  • Great Commission

TR: The GOAL for our lives is that God be glorified through them.  The STRATEGY bearing fruit. And, Jesus tells us, there is a necessary resource we must have in order to bear fruit.

The Necessary Resource: Jesus, connection to Jesus

[READ vs. 5]

I Am the Vine – You Are the Branches

Jesus uses a garden illustration.

[READ vs. 4]

The only way a branch can bear grapes is by staying connected to the vine.  A disconnected branch is a dead branch – a useless, unproductive branch.

A branch will never bear grapes on it’s own.  

“Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

BI: The only way to live a God-glorifying life is continually connected to Jesus.

Stay Connected → Bear Fruit

  • Bear fruit – not = to become connected.
  • Bear fruit b/c connected
  • Bear fruit – proof that connected

Fruitfulness is the inevitable result of an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus.

Bearing Fruit

  • God prunes us to bear more fruit (vs. 1-3): illustration of cherry trees; your ready acceptance of being pruned is evidence that you are already pruned.
  • God always answers when we are praying to be more fruitful (vs. 7, 16): kid asking for cleaning supplies.



  • Resistant to pruning?
  • Trying to bear fruit on own?
  • Not really caring about bearing fruit?
  • Repentance & Surrender


  • be grafted in
  • Get to end and find out you are a dead branch ready to be thrown into fire of hell? That’s Not fair? No, that’s your choice.
  • Hopeless/Desperate for change – change only Jesus can bring about as He pumps His life and love into you.
  • Surrender and let yourself be grafted in to Jesus today!