Preparing for Sunday, April 28

Preparing for Sunday, April 28

Hey Church!

We are excited to worship with you this Sunday and I wanted to take a moment to share with you our outline with some links to a couple (yes two) new songs that we will be doing this week. As we discuss living for God’s kingdom and not our own kingdoms, I would like to take some to time to gaze at our King and ponder His love. Instead of considering our citizenship in God’s kingdom as a loss of personal ambitions, which I believe is a natural human emotion – or maybe it’s just me, it helps to remember what God has saved us from and for. Consider this as you look over the song list.

As always, remember that worship can only be generated from an obedient servant’s heart. In other words, worship IS something we do on Sunday morning as a church body, but only to the extent in which our hearts have served and obeyed our Lord during the week. I’d love to hear what each of you are being impacted by as we learn and think these things through together. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Now, until Sunday, may our lives be a spiritual service of worship (Rom. 12:1) when I look forward to worshipping, eating (remember potluck!), and the business meeting worshipping some more with you all!


Song Outline

  • Marvelous Light
  • Forever Reign
  • One Thing Remains
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Wholly To You

Forever Reign

One Thing Remains




    “One thing remains” really touched me!
    Both songs are so true, I like the title Forever Reigns but the words are more about my heart will sing and or no other name. I guess the truth is because he will forever reign my heart will sing and there is no other name, worthy of honor and glory and worship forever and ever.
    Both have a great message can’t wait to be part of Sundays worship of our most gracious and glorious God!

    Michelle Statema

    Okay, I know I don’t check my email on time, so these songs were great to worship with YESTERDAY! But, I just wanted to encourage Tanner that we are reading your links and thereby linked together all the better during the week!

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