Worship, May 5th

Worship, May 5th

Hey church! I’m not sure if this is going to be a weekly thing or not (probably depends on what kind of feedback I get from all of you) but it seems nice to me to connect during the week and begin preparing for our congregational worship together.

So how have things been going this week? How has the worship life been? I’ve been feeling kinda down recently with my lack of devotional time and seemingly increasing stress with work and family. But God is still sovereign and that brings me comfort.

Last Wednesday I stayed a little late after worship practice to tidy up the stage a little bit and caught some of Pastor John Hagee talking about the signs of the time and how Christ’s return is growing more imminent. It makes me smile. It’s such a strange feeling to be worried and stressed about momentary trials and then suddenly be reminded of eternity.All of the sudden those things that have been causing such heartache are really much less of a deal than I make them out to be.

I’m really excited to come and worship together with you all this Sunday. There are some awesome songs in the lineup and I look forward to rejoicing and bowing before our Lord together.

As you look through the lineup, feel free to share any comments, scripture passages, or anything else that comes to mind. As a worship team we are only facilitating worship Sunday morning, we are all the worshippers. So I’d love to hear some of your expertise on worship. We are only a part time worship team, while you all are full time worshippers. 🙂

Until Sunday,



  • I Saw The Light
  • Forever
  • Hallelujah
  • Be Unto Your Name
  • Lead Me to the Cross

I Saw the Light



haha, love the notes from the kids in the video.

Be Unto Your Name

Lead Me to the Cross



    With all that’s been going on this week, I have found myself just thanking the Lord for allowing me to see. For giving me eyes to see and ears to hear. I would be soooooo lost if He had not given me new life! Sending you something via email on one of the songs.


    I just have to say, that after hearing your practice this past Wednesday..I think your rendition of I Saw the Light is so much better than the one on this site.

    Michael Perry

    Thanks for putting this together Tanner! It is uplifting to have this worship reminder throughout the week

    Eric Jannsen

    Tanner, I have found that my closest times of worship coincide with my willingness to yield to the Holy Spirt.

    I have found that when my heart and mind, attitude is one of humility and awe that He rushes to meet me.

    A good worship time in church is hinged on cultivating a private worship time. Those times when I’m alone and willing, He meets me. God is always faithful and trustworthy. He says if we draw near to Him He will draw near to us. There is nothing as good as when He draws near.

    Sheryl Jannsen

    Thanks for sharing your very human struggles. I have such times of heaviness, that it is good to remember that others have those down times as well. Worship is such an uplifting experience when you are bathed in God’s Holy Spirit. It is like being drunk, but not! That is such a poor description, but it was used well in the bible when we are told not to get drunk on wine, but instead be filled with the Holy Spirit. It does feel similar if you have experienced it. My prayer is that we all will come into the throne room of God where we are unaware of ourselves, and full of Him together. As the leader to bring us there, my prayer is for the full anointing to fill and inhabit your praises as you yield fully to His Spirit! Thanks for all that you do. I loved the new song! Keep learning and growing in Christ.

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