Worship, July 14

Worship, July 14

Howdy Church! I hope you have all enjoyed this week and the beautiful Summer we are having. Before I get too far, I want to remind everyone that there is only ONE service this week and it starts at 9:30 with Sunday School following at 11:20.

In Sunday school we have been looking at several different people and the trials that God brought them through to refine them and mold them in the the instruments that He intended for them to be. Two of the people we looked at are contemporaries and are being used by God to do mighty works. Last week we looked at the life of Joseph and it reminded me that God has been molding and shaping people the same way for thousands of years!

As we look at these different stories, I am reminded of the work that God is doing in each one of our lives. I like to think that maybe I can learn from everyone else’s trials so that I don’t have to go through as many. But what I am realizing as we look at these different stories is that God has a special plan for each of us and no amount of preparation on our part can substitute the work that God is doing in us. This helps me to be content and I hope it does for you as well, knowing that God is working on each one of us as a unique individual for the good works that He has ordained for us (Ephesians 2:10)

So as we worship together this week, ponder how God is working in your life. While we might not be going through the same things that Joseph, John Stumbo, or Dorie Van Stone have gone through, God is working on each of us uniquely for a special purpose. So wait on the Lord. Remember that He is near. Remember the saints that have gone on before us and take courage from their testimony.



  • Lift Us Up to Fall
  • Take My Life (Holiness)
  • One Thing Remains
  • While I’m Waiting
  • In His Time
  • It is Well with my Soul

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