None Like You

None Like You

We would like to introduce you to a new song that we’ve been working on for the past for weeks. It’s a song that God gave me in the midst of my suffering and we look forward to sharing it with you as we worship together this Sunday.

None of us are exempt from pain, suffering, hardship and trials. It seems that they are an ever present part of our existence as humans.

A few nights ago as I lay in bed unable to sleep because of the pain in my back and leg, I took the opportunity to reflect on the character of who God is, and as I worshipped Him in silence the most incredible peace filled my soul. I thought to myself “this is all I ever want, what else could I ever hope to have in my life than God almighty with me through the pain.”

It is this perspective I would like to pass on to you, that our God IS everything! Our Creator, our Master, our Friend, our Savior, the Lover of our soul, and He IS right beside you in the deepest trials you will experience, and it doesn’t matter what you have or what you have lost, because in the end……you have Him.

– Dale


Verse 1
There is none like you in heav’n above
There is none like you here below
So we bow to you our eternal king
Praying make your glory known
Singing make your glory known

Verse 2
We stand in awe of your holy word
That makes our spirits awake
The awesome voice of the heavenly king
That makes the mountains quake
That makes the mountains shake

Verse 3
Father of all and the source of life
Master, king, holy God
In You we live, move and have our being
Lord in You we have it all
Yes in You Lord we have it all

Eternal life and a hope secure,
What else could we hope for
Given a place with the one I adore,
What could I want more
O what else could I want more

Verse 4
Jesus savior captain friend
Lover of my soul
Here again i lay my life
At the alter of the cross
On the alter of your cross


    Melissa West

    Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us with the peace that you found through your suffering.

    Ellen Gray

    That is so wonderful. Thank you for the reminder that he is all in all! The only think I could want besides is the salvation of our children, that they too would share the blessedness of knowing, loving and serving the one who is worthy of all praise and adoration.

    Valerie M. Tanis

    Dear Dale, thanks for sharing your worship thoughts in the midst of your suffering. God is so good, it is us as failing humans who forget this. May He continue to mold you and grow you and use you for His glory. Love Mom

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