Deacon Report

Deacon Report

This year we have five, count them, five deacons. These are men who have been selected by the body and have consented to be responsible to see to it that needs are met for our church property and in the lives of people. The deacons for this year are Jim Haverfield, Steve Sheffler, Bill Short, Mel Marchese, and Rusty Gray. Our job as deacons is not necessarily to do all of the work but to see that it gets done. That means that we will be calling on you to help. Soon we will be renewing our “helper list” so that you can let us know what areas you can help in when a need arises. These may be needs in our church body or our neighbors in the community, or work to be done at the church.

Feel free to contact any of the deacons when you see a need that you can’t meet yourself.



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