Sermons on Revelation

Sermons on Revelation

God’s Two Witnesses Part 3

The Two Witnesses in Revelation 11…Who are they? You may be surprised! This sermon will challenge you to understand the Apostle John’s message the way the Seven Churches understood it.

To Bethlehem with Love

Messianic Prophecies: WHO IS HE? “God with Us” 1. He will be born of a virgin, begotten of the Holy Spirit (7:14, Matt. 2:18-20). 2. A Descendant of Jesse, and from the Davidic Kingly line (11:1, 10). 3. The Chosen Servant in Whom God delights (42:1) 4. The Light to the Gentiles (42:6; 49:6). 5. The King of Israel (44:6) 6. The Redeemer, the Lord of Hosts, the First and the Last, the One True God What Will He Be…

The Mandate

We can discern God’s will by understanding what He has mandated. A mandate is an authoritative order, an official command or order. God’s highest mandate is to Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength…His second highest mandate is to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is one thing to know about a mandate; it is quite another thing to obey, embrace or consume it. Revelation 10 brings us face to face with God’s divine mandate, and…